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Your $7 test drive allows you to experience Mantastic for yourself for 7 days with yourself. Rather than tell you how great Mantastic is, we would rather you experience it for yourself and make your own mind up. If Mantastic is not for you then you can simply send a cancellation notice through the app and we will cancel your membership to the program.

If you have got any questions about joining text your name and question to Tommy on 0406888008 (+61406888008) and he will organise a time for a call with you.
Here's What Your Mantastic Membership Includes:
  • 7 day trial to see for yourself what Mantastic is all about
  • ​Goal Setting Phone Call With Tommy in your first week (Priceless)
  • ​World Class Digital Mantastic Program ($2970 RRP)
  • Powerful Monthly Masterclass  ($297 Monthly Value)
  • Access to ongoing content  (Weekly Audios + Videos) 
  • Epic Success Driven Community Of legends (Priceless)
Trial Mantastic For $7
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AUD Weekly
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RRP $6534

Everything you need in one place to transform your Mindset, Physique, Finances, Manbrand, Communication skills, Confidence & Lifestyle
Here is what your Mantastic membership includes:
Membership is $20 Australian per week and you can cancel anytime
World Class Mantastic Program
Access to the exclusive Mantastic Program. This includes 10 comprehensive Training modules covering each key area of living a Mantastic Life. Each module includes manuals, audiobooks and videos as well and practical action steps to build out the Manplan for living your Mantastic Life.

Complete 7 day Starter Program
Immediately upon joining you will have access to the complete 7 day starter program. You will be given specific missions to complete in your first week to start living your Mantastic Life. You will also chat with Tommy personally about your goals and personal growth plan (value $1000)

Once completed you will be ready to commence training on the first Mantastic role of Chief Executive Officer.

Powerful Monthly Masterclass
Every month, a new masterclass is released in addition to the core Mantastic program. The purpose of this is to dive deeper into all of the key areas of living a Mantastic Life (mindset, money, physique, manbrand, communication, women...and all things re: living a Mantastic Lifestyle. These masterclasses will help build you into the Mantasic Legend you need to to kick ass in life.
Access to ongoing content (Weekly Audios + CEO Meetings) 
Every week you will also get access to a new training audio and a new 'weekly CEO meeting video'. The Mantastic system is to run your life like a business with you as CEO and the weekly CEO meeting serves to make sure each week you are progressing towards your goals.
Powerful Monthly Masterclass
Immerse yourself in the Mantastic Community and share your wins and lessons with other Mantastic legends.

The journey to improving your Mindset, Money, Physique, Manbrand, Communication skills and Lifestyle is so much better when you share it with other legends who are on the same path.

As the saying goes 'you become who you hang out with' and by joining our community you will be joining a community of legends who also want to win and succeed in life. 

How Mantastic is it to have a network of Mantastic legends from all across Aus / NZ to support you on your journey to achieving all of your goals.
Commonly Asked Questions
What is the Mantastic Program?
Mantastic is the Worlds #1 Men's Success & Lifestyle Program.  The Mantastic Program has everything you need in one place to transform your Mindset, Physique, Finances, Manbrand, Confidence & Lifestyle. If you are an ambitious man who wants to win & succeed in life and are motivated to grow yourself and develop the mindset & skill set needed to create your dream lifestyle  then Mantastic is for you.
Why does Mantastic exist?
Mantastic exists to help Aussie and New Zealand men build themselves into the Mantastic Legends they need to be to kick ass in Life.  Our goal is to give you the skills, tactics and strategies to live your version of  a Mantastic Life in a practical, implementable, no BS format. There is so much BS out there on the well as so many American based programs. Mantastic is Aus/NZ based. You can pick up the phone and call us here in Aus/NZ (0406888008 & +61406888008) 
How Do I Access the program?
Mantastic is delivered online through our exclusive Mantastic App.  Upon joining you will gain instant access to our library of manuals, audiobooks and videos on Mindset, Physique, Finances, Manbrand, Confidence, Communication, Women, Lifestyle and more. The App serves as a tool so that you can learn on the run (e.g. on the way to work/ in the car). Training is available in video, audio and book format for each module so you can learn in the way that suits you best.
How Does The Membership Work?
Membership $20/ per week. To complete the core Mantastic program generally takes our members around 12 months. However as a member you are welcome to stay for as little or long as you please and are not locked into a time based committment. Lots of our members stay on longer to continue their growth and keep attending the masterclasses and weekly CEO meetings.
How much time do I need each week?
Mantastic isn't a 'course' as much as it is a lifestyle . Most members consume content from the program that can be done in fraction of the time average guy spends on playing video games and watching YouTube. Lot's of our legends complete the program travelling to and from work!
The 'Mantastic' part about Mantastic is that it's on your phone so you always have access and can learn from anywhere.
Can I take Mantastic for a test drive?
Rather than tell you how 'Mantastic' Mantastic is, we would rather let you experience it for yourself by completing our Mantastic starter pack aka Mantastic bootcamp. Get starter for $7 and experience everything Mantastic has to offer. If for some reason you feel that membership to Mantastic isn't for you, you can cancel within the first 7 days and will not be charged again. Simple as that! 

Mantastic Legends
These legends are now living their version of a Mantastic Lifestyle